Freedom Collection

Kodiak-FX Freedom Collection was made for the ones that seek the thrill of two-wheels, the unknown of where two wheels can take you. The possibilities are endless.

Live free or die hard, is how the motto goes. There is nothing else that compares to the wind in your face and an open road. Going where the road in front leads is the most exhilarating feeling, that and having a tank of flammable liquids between your legs!

You don’t want to “Live Free” then this Collection is not for you, we may direct you to get yourself Pampers pull-ups for adults.

  • For the Men/ Women By patriots.
  • For the Adventurer and The Lifestyle By the Explorer and the Patriot. 
  • For the Warrior Class By the Warrior Class.
  • Shoot, Ride, Climb, Operate, Survive and Explore... 
  • Kodiak-FX is Right There With You. We are the Warrior For the Warrior.

5% of all sales go toward helping a Veteran experience an unforgettable adventure!