Gift Cards

Kodiak-FX Gift Cards are here for your loved ones or just for you!

Get you one of these bad boys/ girls (trying to be politically correct) and your significant other will just think you got them a gift, but we all know what you’re really doing with that Gift Card, it for the future of buying more badass Kodiak-FX products as they are released.

Buy today, then order tomorrow!

Remember we are the Legacy of a great American generation. Fed by the great outdoors on two wheels, with an Addiction to the unknown. We Are the Almighty of a lost lifestyle, escaping our civilization through asphalt and our great land. We crave freedom.

  • For the Men/ Women By patriots.
  • For the Adventurer and The Lifestyle By the Explorer and the Patriot. 
  • For the Warrior Class By the Warrior Class.
  • Shoot, Ride, Climb, Operate, Survive and Explore... 
  • Kodiak-FX is Right There With You. We are the Warrior For the Warrior.

5% of all sales go toward helping a Veteran experience an unforgettable adventure!