Original Collection

The Kodiak-FX Original Collection was created by God himself, not really…

This collection was made by the creator of Kodiak-FX. He wanted a section that helps get this line going and making a difference in the world for other Veterans making dreams come true.

Kodiak-FX being created for the love of the outdoors, two wheels, and the addiction to the unknown.

The original branding is located on all the products, front and back.

Do you want to make a difference in this world for even just one person? Get you some Kodiak-FX original products and help fight the good fight.

  • For the Men/ Women By patriots.
  • For the Adventurer and The Lifestyle By the Explorer and the Patriot. 
  • For the Warrior Class By the Warrior Class.
  • Shoot, Ride, Climb, Operate, Survive and Explore... 
  • Kodiak-FX is Right There With You. We are the Warrior For the Warrior.

5% of all sales go toward helping a Veteran experience an unforgettable adventure!